It is with great pleasure that Galleri Image presents the exhibition


"Untitled Interiors" by Mette Bersang

8 January - 7 February , 2010


The exhibition "Untitled Interiors" is composed of a series 15 photographs
and an installation. The photographs are minimalistic interiors in which
the drawings of the sun are shown on the wall. The project focuses on the
sunlight and what it means for the photographic image. The sunlight is
used to make a cut in the surface of the photograph and there is a playful
idea that the sunlight could be used to make a cut in the wall.
Mette Bersang works with anonymous interiors but her use of light brings
them a sensual and special marking. She thereby focuses on the space in
the pictures. Mette Bersang finds her inspiration for her photographs in
the work of the sculptor and painter Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) who is
known especially for his works with holes and cuts in the canvas. With a
reference to Fontana Mette Bersang makes cuts and holes in her work by the
use of the sunlight and by overexposure. In Mette Bersang«s pictures an
examination of the possibilities of the photographic medium is visible as
well as a desire to break the surface of the photograph and make a
photographic hole in the wall. The pictures are often on the limit of pure
abstraction, but by containing everyday objects such as the corner of a
table or the back of a chair a reference to an everyday room are retained.
She thereby withholds to the photographic media«s characterization and
historical tradition about having a special connection and reference to
reality. Mette Bersang uses photography at it«s own premises and scratches
in the surface of reality and points out the possibilities of another
space in the world.


Mette Bersang was born in 1977. She is a bachelor of photography from The
Arts University College at Bournemouth in England and holds an MA in
Visual Culture from The University of Copenhagen. Her work has featured in
several group exhibitions in Denmark and abroad, and she is represented in
a range of collections. The exhibition in Galleri Image is Mette Bersang«s
first solo show.

Mette Bersang is co-founder and editor of the journal "Filter - for

The Danish Arts Council has supported the exhibition.

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Welcome to the opening on Friday January 8, 2010 from 16.00-18.00 at
Galleri Image

Saturday January 9, 14.00 there will be a mini seminar, Mette Bersang will
talk about her work. Extern lecturer in Arts and Culture Studies at the
University of Copenhagen Sabine Nielsen will talk about "the photographic
space." Sabine Nielsen is the author of the book "Det fotografiske rum" to
be published this year.

The arrangement takes place at Gallery Image. Everybody is welcome.

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