"Flight Paths" by Mette Bersang & Katherine Marquis

26 January - 7 February , 2012


We are proud to present new work by Mette Bersang and Katherine Marquis. They have been working together on a project that was born out of volcanic ash; or rather the disruption it caused to the European airspace in 2010.

'The landscape of the sky was empty of vapour trails and the absence of any noise or shark-like objects turning over London and Copenhagen was poignant. We noticed when the plane was absent. We have been rigorously exploring the shape of planes and space that they occupy ever since.'

Planes can be silent in the sky only traceable by their vapour trail up high. Flight paths provide the map above us. ‘Flight Paths’ explores the notion of mapping the plane, physically, through its body shape and digitally, in the data of its route above us.

The fact that the plane occupies the space between the earth’s surface and its place in the sky is of great interest. The idea of the view of looking down on a plane from above in the sky is fascinating, as it is a view we rarely see, but we prefer the view from earth of the undercarriage of a plane.

Mette Bersang and Katherine Marquis work with photography, drawing and various print making techniques to explore ideas around how flight paths connect us.