"Plants Measure the Length of The Night" by Mette Bersang

Rendevouz With Nature at Nordic Photography Centre, Finland September/ October, 2013


What Should Have Remained Hidden has Come to Light at Format Galleri, Sweden August 2014


Plants Measure the length of the Night
In her newest works Mette Bersang uses a plant to create a connection between photography, nature and people.
The work Plants Measure the length of the Night is formed of two parts, consisting of 18 images and a video piece. Part one is a photographic installation that focuses on the life and movements of a Purple Shamrock plant after it has been watered. The plant sits on a dinning table in a domestic space and is photographed over the course of 2 hours. During this time the plant opens, and, as a result, is both becoming a still life and a quiet performance.
Where the photographs seem to quietly prolong time and dwell on the tiny movements of the plant, the video displays drama with a subtle hint of humor.
In the video a woman has appeared on one of the chairs at the same dining table. She is nervously flirting; either with the empty chair opposite, or the plant. After a prolonged flirt she leans in as if to smell the plant, but surprisingly, she takes a stem in her mouth, bites it off and chews it with a look of displeasure.
Together part I and part II create a space for the viewer to contemplate relationships. The relationship of the plant, photography and people.